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Everybody’s nails will react differently. We make sure that the Gel is buffed and soaked off correctly to avoid damage to your nails.
Soaking off Gel has minimal impact to your nail, as we are removing the product, and not layers, of the nail. Acrylic, which is a much stronger product than Gelish, filing needs to be done to remove the product properly; this process may weaken your nails slightly. This is why we recommend that you give your nails a break between Acrylic treatments.
Gel Overlays is an application on the natural nails.
Full Set Gel Tips is an application on nails with tips.
We can shape your nails in any way you prefer from square, round, square, oval, almond, stiletto, ballerina and lipstick nails to name just a few.
We use Star Nail and Maskscara products.
We do not make use of an electric file.
Owner and founder, Chantal is a Star Nail qualified Nail Technician.
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